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New Book Jacket Illustration Release


Commissioned by the late John Hamilton of Penguin Books, Emily has had the pleasure of illustrating the new book jacket for Clare Pollard’s book about the wonder and stories behind our favourite children’s books.

We've read Green Eggs and Ham, laughed at Mr Tickle and whet our appetites with The Very Hungry Caterpillar. But what lies behind the picture books that make up our childhood? Clare Pollard has done huge justice to this very question; both academic and hugely entertaining, she has brought to life a world that means so much to so many.

Emily, feeling only a minor part of this incredible project, says, “It was a great honour to be part of both Clare and John’s vision for the book,” and acknowledges her respect to be a part of such a beloved art director’s famous back catalogue of book covers.

Link to book here.

John Hamilton Obituary here.

Vicky Parry